I want my clients to not only be happy with my work, but also enjoy working with me.

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About working with me 

“I recommend Nathan Medcalf for writing and photography, especially in the construction industry.”

Ryan Johnson, Two Rivers Marketing

“Nathan is a strong writer, editor, and content curator.” 

Jane Cooper, Cooper Hong, Inc.

“Nathan is a great storyteller, and he has made me successful at my job.”

Meredith Obendorfer, Autodesk 

“Nathan has a quick process and did an excellent job putting together a Dynapac story.”

Jennifer Bishop, Dynapac

“You rock. I appreciate how easy you are to work with and how you stay on deadline.”

Jordanne Waldschmidt, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

“Thank you for the consistent, quality work you’ve delivered.” 

Larry Stewart, AC Business Media

“Thank you for taking the topics and running with them independently. We love all the great research and detailed articles you write. We’ve increased our blog traffic a ton this year, and it’s all because of the incredible articles you write. Thank you!”

Sophie Eden, Municibid 

About my construction industry knowledge 

“Nathan speaks with product experts and operates equipment to become more knowledgeable about our products.”

Sharon Holling, Caterpillar 

“Nathan’s experience within the construction industry is exceptional. He can have meaningful conversations about a wide continuum of topics.”

Kurtis Samchee, MGI Construction Corp.

“Awesome – thank you! You’re one of my few writers who are able to handle more technical topics.”

Jordanne Waldschmidt, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

“Thank you for the stories you tell. The industry needs your information.”

Marco Carlini, Montreal Tracteur 

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