Customer stories

Customer stories are a great way of showcasing a product’s features and benefits while also including customer testimonials. A story that features on-the-job site product use, great product description, and customer testimonials will be more compelling and shareable than a straight-up product marketing piece.

Customer: Bomag North America. Wrote a 1000-word customer story and took photography.

A customer story is more attractive to media outlets, especially when the project is of some significance. After writing the customer story, I can find media outlets and social media groups that will publish it. See my content distribution services.

Customer: Hitachi Wheel Loaders America. Wrote a 1,000-word customer story and took photography and videography.

The photography for the customer story can be used to create social media posts. See my social media services. I also offer on-site videography and video creation services.

Writing portfolio

Photography portfolio

Videography portfolio

Customer: Skyjack. Took photography of the company’s equipment being used at the 2017 Invictus Games.


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