The importance of using quality photography in marketing

From working in heavy equipment publishing for more than a decade, I can tell you that quality photos grab attention, increase marketing exposure and sell equipment.

Photos travel. People share photos that they like on Twitter and on other social media.

Trade news editors will feature your story more prominently. As a former trade editor, I can tell you that a story with multiple hi-res interesting photos is more likely to land on the front page, front section page, or any other prominent page in the publication.

Brian M. Fraley, Owner, Fraley Construction Marketing, calls heavy equipment action shots as a great missed opportunity as a marketing tool for equipment users, dealers, and manufacturers, because of the power of action shots to get attention.

Here are several photos from heavy equipment companies who distribute hi-res, interesting photos in their product marketing.

CaterpillarCaterpillar produces the most marketing material of any heavy equipment original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Their photos are always hi-quality and often interesting. All these photos are great because they capture an action. It is not enough to have the bucket raised, you have to see the rocks (or dirt or sand or snow) fall.

DoosanDoosan has the most consistent use of hi-res, interesting photos. These photos show how the company uses angles to create interesting photos, such as taking aerial photos or putting the attachment in front of the carrier. And, it demonstrates that the photographer is willing to get into the trenches to take a good shot.

Ditch WitchDitch Witch does the best job at framing out parts of the machine to create an interesting shot. In each photo, you only see a part of the machine. The photograph focuses on just the part of the machine that is active at that moment (the hose and tank of the vacuum truck, the trencher boom, and the control panel). They also have a good use of people in their photos.


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