Why I like construction equipment

My fascination with construction equipment began with Tonka Trucks in the sandbox, then fizzled until I began working for a trade publication that focused on heavy equipment. (I sometimes wonder if I working in the heavy equipment industry would have been my first choice if there was greater awareness and opportunities in it.)

Construction equipment is responsible for our built world. These machines demonstrate unique capabilities and are engineered to be a solution to a problem. A lot of imagination goes into the creation of each machine. I can appreciate the solutions, because I’ve spoken to enough end-users to know what problems they need addressed.

Plus, technology is entering the heavy equipment space in some forward-thinking and fascinating ways. It is an exciting time to be in the heavy equipment industry.

I have created 3 Facebook pages that showcase some of my heavy equipment interests:

I also manage the Facebook page for the Historical Construction Equipment Association of Canada.

You can watch heavy equipment videos at the Heavy Equipment Junkies YouTube page.

I also blog about my experiences a freelance writer and photographer on my Nathan Medcalf Freelance LinkedIn page and on the Nathan Medcalf Freelance YouTube page.

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