What We can do for you


Words have the power to persuade. From blogs to case studies to thought pieces to outbound email–all your communication should be impactful and have measurable results. 

Nathan Medcalf Freelance uses modern tools to deliver content that achieves SEO, keyword demands, and other key performance indicators. 

Content distribution

Great content needs to be shared—on the company web site, on social media, and by traditional media—to get the biggest impact. 

Nathan Medcalf Freelance can amplify your messages by getting your content greater reach by collaborating with traditional media, social media groups, and influencers.


Images can be worth 1,000 words. Use high-quality and interesting images to attract attention, reflect the quality and values of your brand, and tell your story.  

Nathan Medcalf Freelance provides professional, on-site photography and photo editing services and AI-generated images.


People are consuming more video content than ever before. From explainer videos to reels to user-generated content, video is attracting more attention and motivating more people to act. 

Nathan Medcalf Freelance provides on-site videography and video editing services. Our partnership with Kar Ad Studio gives us motion graphics and animation capabilities.

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